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UPRO NATURE products are supplied to the market with the brand name MEYRO™.

The major product of the company is fresh Pomegranate, especially produced to be exported to Europe and Asia and its byproducts including, pomegranate seeds, concentrate,  juice, vinegar and sauce.

The company’s other products include: pistachio, lime, grapefruit, saffron, date and its byproducts, herbs, dried vegetables, and spices. The products are all chosen from the best types, and the process applied during the production is in accordance with especial standards set for exports to Europe.

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MEYRO™ is the fruit of believing in excellence, from Cultivation to the heady taste you experience.

We believe our excellent product will come out of attentive seeking of excellence in every single feature of it.

MEYRO™ is the brand for our first grade tropical, mediterranean and middle eastern fruits. Presenting products of thousands hectares of orchards, MEYRO™ is the trusted brand for delivering the perfection of passionately grown and cultivated fruits .

Designed for the dynamic world of today, MEYRO™ is founded on a deeply integrated production steps, from the seed to the shelf. Thanks to this dynamic flexible structure, we can satisfy taste of each and every client of us. Our agents in Spain, Denmark, Netherland, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil and Singapore attentively observe the market trend to make sure we are synchronous with the market tendency.

Expertise is our way UP to the excellence!

Freshness is just the beginning of our products greatness. We are fussy about every single step of our production and our peace of mind is accomplished relying on our expertise in each of the steps. From laboratory researchers to orchardmen and from design department to delivery people, each loop of our production chain is trained and demanded to protect the freshness of vivid taste of our fruits. Below are some examples of what is going behind the scene of our prouded MEYRO:

  • Research into the most desired variety
  • Researching on the best fertilizer for every single step of planting
  • Commitment in environment friendly practices
  • Designing well ventilated protective packages
  • Delivering in precisely and uniformly cooled containers

Year by year we have improved our products to what can experienced in our current products. This advancement is a conclusion of our quality assurance system in which every step from planting to end user is checked against the associated standards, measures and client requests. We passionately continue to improve our product by means of research and knowledge, the two firm supports we  have relied on from the very first stage.