Vision & Mission

UPRO NATURE philosophy is production and supply of those products in which minimum amounts of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used, and during production and processing, minimum harm is inflicted on the environment. Accordingly, long and short term objectives have been set by the company’s founders. Based on the objectives, a vast vision and mission has been defined for the partnership.

UPRO NATURE’s vision is placing itself at the top of the producers and exporters of agricultural products, especially organic products, in Iran and in the Middle East. It also aims at changing the agriculture sector into a leading and modern industry, and boosting the sector’s share of non-oil exports. Accordingly, and based on the company’s objectives, the missions have been defined, some of which are as follows:

  • Under-cultivation land reclamation and applying organic systems to gardening
  • Setting up R & D centers to offer solutions and innovations to the agriculture sector
  • Launching sorting system using the latest technologies
  • Launching modern automatic packaging system
  • Launching optimum-use system for out-of-sorting products
  • Progression to global marketing network and using marketing platforms and CRM
  • Launching logistic and monitoring system and network according to international standards