Social & Economical

  • Mehr-Charity

    Supporting Mehr Children House

    The company financially supports one of most famous child protective institutions in Iran, known as “Mehr Children House”.  The non-beneficial, non-political institute is a safe haven to child labourers, street children, in-trouble kids, vulnerable families, and women who head families. UPRO NATURE has the honour to protect an institute, which does not receive any help […]

  • Internatioal-Animal-Rescue

    Supporting International Animal Rescue

    UPRO NATURE’s financial support is not limited to human beings; animals are also included. Accordingly, the company donates a portion of its profit to the International Animal Rescue, an organization involved in rescuing and safeguarding the endangered animals. The organization offers a wide range of services to animals in developing countries including sterilizing and vaccinating stray […]