About us


UPRO NATURE KISH Co. (PJS) was founded through UPRO TARH POUYA KISH Co. (PJS) and the Italian company “Società Agricola Upronature srl” joint venture.

The company started its activities combining 40 years of UPRO experience in international business and access to the vast resources in Iran with 30 years of NATURE background in production, sorting, and packaging of fruits and vegetables, and access to the latest Italian technology and know-how.

UPRO succeeded in removing many obstacles blocking the transfer of know-how, latest technology, machinery and production standards to Iran through attracting one of the most credible European companies as a foreign investor and establishment of UPRO NATURE Co.

In the other hand, NATURE Co. has opened the European and the US market doors to the Iranian agriculture products through finding a proper Iranian business partner. The company has taken advantage of its sound relations with other companies and business centres, as well as its influence in the markets to move forward in this regard.

The joint venture of UPRO and NATURE companies has paved the way for changing the agriculture sector into a modern and independent industry resulting in having a greater share of the non-oil exports by the sector.

UPRO Profile


UPRO TARH POUYA KISH was founded by Abbas Ali Bahavar in 2009 merging  some other companies and foundations in Kish Island, Iran.

The request for exporting agricultural products especially pomegranate encouraged the company to start its studies over the issue, and finally, the company launched its exporting activities to neighbouring countries and Europe, which led to great results.

NATURE Profile

The Italian company “Società Agricola Upronature srl”, which is active in the field of fruits and vegetable cultivation, processing, sorting, and packaging was founded in Italy. In addition to its 10 years of activity, 20 more years should be added to the company’s experience because the founders and managers had about 20 years of effective experience in the agriculture industry.